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Why Stock Jack Link's

In a World that talks about this group of drinkers and that type of customer we just think about making great snacks that our customers and yours will love. In fact, it is something we have been thinking about since we started making beef jerky snack some 135 years ago.

You know a thing about customers and you will know keeping them is one of the most things we can do which is why this website is only for those in the hospitality sector – this is your insight into what we do, how we do it and why stocking Jack Link’s jerky will put a smile on the face of your customer and you!

But let’s not just think about gym going males. Protein snacks are fast becoming the snack of choice for females in the same range – body beautiful is most definitely NOT an exclusive male terminology. Pop the Jack Link’s jerky into a ramekin, next to a cheese board and it becomes a snack for all customers. Ladies having a glass of wine or soft drink, groups at a large table sharing some snacks – suddenly Jack Link’s elevates itself to a go-to snack of choice for all your customers.

So why stock our jerky. Well, let’s give you some straight talking facts plus a little bit of anecdotal comment which we are confident repeats what you are seeing in your pub or bar.

“I was delighted how much my customers have taken to Jack Link’s range since we started stocking. Within just a few weeks they have become a regular addition to many rounds of drinks.”

Simon Harvey, Owner – The Rose, Bexley

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Beef Jerky and Biltong are fast becoming the snack of choice for consumers seeking a healthy snack packed with protein and a great taste.

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It is the perfect accompaniment to beer for those 18-44yr olds seeking something to enjoy with their drink in any pub, bar or club situation.

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Our three jerky varieties and biltong are available in clip strips to help grab the attention of your customers when they are ordering drinks at the bar.

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High protein snacks are becoming the choice for 18-44yr old males – those found in most wet-led pubs and social / sports clubs!

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With the great taste of our range – it’s no surprise Jack Link’s is stocked by leading supermarket chains making our jerky one of the most popular snacks.

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Jack Link’s is one of the fastest growing snack brands in the UK – customers like high protein snacks and they really like Jack Link’s.

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Beef Jerky does not have the same price hurdle as other snacks. It could be because we all know beef is much more expensive than potatoes!

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If you sell just 1 pack of Jack Link’s jerky every day then you will earn an extra £182 profit per year. Now, what if each of your bar staff sold just 1 pack a day?


*Assumptions: 3 boxes purchased, with free P&P and individual packets sold at RRP of £1.50.

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