Why Stock

There are many reasons why Beef Jerky is becoming the most wanted snack in the UK, and guess what? It tastes delicious and is full of protein!

The perfect partner for your pub, sports club, gym or bar

Some could say customers have never had it so good! Simply asking for a G&T will will lead to the choice of at least half a dozen variants and the same could be said about choosing the mixer to go with it!

And the choice of quality of food echoes this – good food is available from many, many different outlets. However, what can we say about the humble bar snack?

Crisps and peanuts are, for many venues, still at the heart of the offer. Yet consumers have changed so much over the last few years. From the days of the Atkins diet through to the need of Instagram pics today – carbohydrate based snacks are not the snack of choice for a generation of pub and club customers.

Protein snacks, such as Jack Link’s Beef Jerky and Biltong, are the perfect partner for your bar. They add a good margin to around of drinks, adds good quality fuel to help during and after exercise and is low in carbs and calories to please even the most Instgrammable of Instagram users! Oh and the packaging is quite nice as well so they’ll like that! Although not as nice as the tender morsels of thinly sliced beef inside the pack.

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