Take your snacks to the next level.

Stock Jack Links in your... Sports Club

Protein snacks provide longer lasting energy that helps any sports person push a bit stronger, run a bit faster and think a bit harder!

The perfect partner for every rugby, cricket, football and sports club bar!

There can be very few of us who have not sat in a club bar and needed something to help us overcome those last few overs, that last set, or the last half of the game.

Sports Club snacks should, like the drinks offered, be in keeping with what the members are looking for – and, nowadays they are aware of the need for good quality protein versus calories and carbs.

Jack Link’s range of club bar snacks is the ideal snack range to stock. They come in clever little strips with 12 bags which means they fit in any space you have and can be prominent enough to ensure they sell out as fast as you can order them.

But to ensure that your members and guests know you are stocking Jack Link’s we will supply you with beer mats to help the process!

Plus we ensure that Jack Link’s is seen across all the key social media channels to create awareness of the brand and the range available – plus the health benefits that come with our great tasting bar snacks.

But you don’t need to take our word for it – let us get some samples to you so you can try them yourself and with your members – just click the button below.

25% of people visiting sports bars look for a healthy snack option
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