Time to improve your snack game.

Stock Jack Links in your... Pub!

There are many reasons why Beef Jerky is becoming the most wanted snack in the UK, and guess what? It tastes delicious with beer!

The perfect bar snack for your pub, club or bar

In the same way you might have swapped around your beers, added a different gin (or two!) or changed your wine list to make sure you have the right grape on it to match consumer tastes and/or your own food offer.

…When did you last look at your snack offer? OK we get it, they, on their own, are not massive money makers like beer or spirits but, the right snacks will help sell another round of drinks or add another 50p profit on a round of drinks with just one pack purchased.

Bar snacks and pub snacks have moved on as much as the consumer has over the years and there is no doubt the world of social media has increased the pace of change. 

The gym brigade will be looking at the calories, the carbs and the protein levels of their snacks and they know Jack Link’s Jerky is packed with protein and beef – plus smoked with one of our family recipes and that is about it!

To help you sell Jack Link’s bar snacks we invest in all of the places that these customers are looking at – yes all the social media channels. You’ll find us on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. 

Explaining the reasons why your customers should be buying Jack Link’s Jerky and Biltong.

Now all you have to do is get some in! We will gladly send you some samples (VAT registered businesses) to help you try them with your customers.

Biltong and Jerky are the perfect ‘bar’ snack. Smoked, dried and with just enough seasoning to increase your wet sales.

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