The delicious taste of Original Beef Jerky

We simply take premium beef and add our signature recipe to give a slightly smoky sweetness and create an authentic, enjoyable snack experience.

Per 25gm serving: KCAL: 64
FAT: 1g

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Beef Jerky
12 x 60g Bags


Number 1 beef jerky

We use only select rump beef, carefully sliced into this strips, then carefully seasoned with our special family recipe using selected ingredients, Finally, our delicious thin strips of prime beef are smoked and dried slowly in hot air – the time-honoured traditional way. All supplied in a fantastic resealable pack.

MADE WITH 100% BEEF: Our Original Beef Jerky starts with carefully selected lean cuts of 100% premium beef. Marinated in our signature blend of herbs and spices and slow roasted over hardwood smoke. No added MSG.


INGREDIENTS: Beef, sugar, sea salt, dried soy sauce powder, hydrolysed corn protein, yeast extract, curing salt, garlic powder, onion powder, antioxidant, acidity regulator, pineapple powder.

Nutritional Info

9.8g (39%)
4g (16%)
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