Jack Link’s is the perfect back bar snack for all sports clubs

The high protein and all natural ingredients make Jack Link’s meat snacks the ideal back bar snack to be stocked by all types of sports clubs. From gyms to golf and from trampolining to cycling cafes – all those participating in any active lifestyle will enjoy the great taste of both Jack Link’s Biltong and Beef Jerky.

Wanted by your customers 

In a world which has become dominated by images and social media customers are looking at what they eat and what they look like – do you remember when you only had one gin on the back bar(!) – yep customers are changing what they drink AND what they eat when they are out. High protein snacks are viewed as a positive snack and not a negative load of calories.

Our 25g packs contain over 10 grams of protein!! That’s a whopping 40% of the pack just in protein. Of course, as they are a dry snack they make the perfect bar snack accompanying any drink being enjoyed in the clubhouse bar/sports bar after any activity.

One great heritage

The Jack Link’s family realised over 100 years ago is that if you use the best beef to start the process then all you need is to add a few simple spices and you have a great product that tastes fantastic.

So whilst the business has grown, quite a lot(!), the belief and ethos of using the finest ingredients has most definitely remained at the core of the business and that is why Jack Link’s is now the No1 meat snack business in the world.

Four great flavours…

In addition to three Beef Jeryky flavours – Original, Teriyaki, Sweet & Sour we have now added Biltong to our UK range – and Biltong is the snack of choice for almost every South African! So if you have any South African’s in your club or in your membership then add Biltomng to your back bar and not only will have happy customers but you will have a fuller cash till!

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