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Jack Link's Beef Jerky and Biltong range - The Perfect Partner for your Pub, Sports Club, Gym or Bar

Welcome to Jack Link’s UK website. The website was created to help us to tell the story of Jack Link’s Jerky and Biltong being the ideal bar snack for any pub, bar, or club. But of course, as this is the internet we know the website is being found and is being used by so many different customers, from different sectors and for both personal and business use.

And we welcome you… to this website and to the great range of Jack Link’s Jerky and Biltong range. Hopefully, this helps explain why the tone is a little ‘pubby’ and if you are seeking to buy Jack Link’s for home use or a different retail environment. 

Over the years every pub, club and bar has had to change how it does things and what products it offers the customer. Some might call this the customer being discerning, others might say fussy but we think that the pubs, clubs  and bars in the UK are absolutely unique and we love them.

But…, and isn’t there always a but(?), whilst many pubs have improved their beer offer, widened their wine selection and offer a range of gins and vodkas but (we told you there is a but!) the humble, yet so wonderfully important, pub snack is still a deep-fried potato, and licensees wonder why we see sales decline!

With a World dominated by selfies, Instagram, Paleo diets and gym bunnies, many are turning to the great taste of Jack Link’s Jerky and Biltong. It is no surprise that Biltong and Beef Jerky are amongst the fastest growing snacks in the UK. And the Jack Link’s brand? As the World’s No1 global meat snack brand and with a growth our products are tested and enjoyed by consumers every second of every day. Paleo diets and gym bunnies, many are turning to the great taste of Jack Link’s Jerky and Biltong.

Which makes the choice of Jack Link’s snack range the perfect choice for your customers who are seeking a high protein, healthy snack after the gym, when at the bar or during after a round of golf or game of rugby!

Find out more about how these delicious strips of premium beef which, combined with one of the secret Jack Link’s family recipes, to become the perfect snack to be enjoyed in any pub, bar or club.

PLEASE NOTE: We welcome orders from all Jerky and Biltong lovers but we are not able to send samples to personal addresses as these have to be sent to a VAT registered business addresses only. We are sorry to disappoint anyone that doesn’t meet that criteria but you could ask your local pub, bar, club to get samples for you to try when you next pop-in for a drink!

We simply take premium beef add our signature recipe to give a slightly smoky sweetness and create an authentic, enjoyable snack experience.

Combining the finest of the West and the East! Savoury soy sauce and a touch of ginger are mixed with the finest beef to provide a true Asian flavour.

The irresistible combination of the unique Jack Link’s recipe of sweet and spicy ensures customers enjoy this perfect pub snack.

Using 100% of lean beef this is the perfect Biltong, using a traditional and original South African recipe to create soft, tasty strips of beef.

The Jack Links Story

We are proud to be a family owned business, with the foundation for the Jack Link’s Jerky we see today going back to the 1880s, so we know a thing or two about making the perfect snack.

Reasons to Stock

You will have the fastest growing snack brand on your back bar (according to Nielsen). It is 100% pure beef and is the ideal drinking snack and it is not going to compete with any food offer you have.

  1. No added MSG

    In fact no added anything(!) except seasonings and spices to add to the already great flavour of 100% select beef for your customers to enjoy. They can select from three fantastic flavours and our amazing biltong, all using one of our family recipes.

  2. No Artificial Colourings

    What colour would you like your 100% beef snack sir/madam? We think smoked red works just fine and even if you have brand colours we think your customers will thank us for not changing their beef snack to match them!

  3. High in Protein

    ...And we mean HIGH in protein – almost 11g of protein in our 25g Peppered jerky snack. Which makes the Jack Link's beef jerky and biltong the perfect snack for any customers looking at calories or reducing carb-based snacks – something that has definitely affected sales of snacks in pubs.

0Different Flavours
0percent of the pack weight in Biltong is Protein
0Our place in the global beef jerky market

0MSG or artifical colouring

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